Josh Lumme

Vice President of Annuity Sales and Marketing at V2 Financial Marketing

Josh has worked with V2 Financial Marketing for nearly a decade. He’s currently the Vice President of Annuity Sales and Marketing. Prior to that, he worked as V2’s Director of Recruiting. Josh joined V2 in an entry-level position in 2012, quickly finding success. Through extensive due diligence and top-level experience, Josh has established himself as an industry expert among his peers. He attributes much of his success to his large network of long-standing relationships within the industry. Josh has been able to leverage those connections to help agents and advisors all over the U.S.

When Josh isn’t working, he enjoys traveling with his family, going on camping and kayaking trips, and collecting bourbon. He has been married to his wife, Kate, for nine years, and they have two children, Jack and Emily. 

Josh studied Sales Management and Business at Kennesaw State University.

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