Jack Carlton

Head of Case Design at DFS Marketing

Jack has worked with DFS Marketing going for 3 years plus now. It was his first job out of college. Jack started out at an admin position, helping run proposals and pull applications. Thanks to having a great mentor in Jamie Eisenman (DFS Principle) and being a fast learner, he was able to move up quickly. He got success through activating underperforming agents that had a lot of clients in underperforming, high fee products older policies, and finding new, better performing products to make them whole again.

Through his hard work and determination, Jack has gone on to become the Head of Case Design, with a team built around him to assist him with his daily activates. Jack is also a part of the manager team at DFS and helps contribute to the company through his hard work, product knowledge, and helpfulness around the office. Jack has successfully help set appointments for agents via seminars on the marketing side as well.

Outside of work, Jack enjoys spending time with his girlfriend he has been dating for one year. Jack also enjoys the Dallas Cowboys, as well as playing and watching basketball, and collecting Yeezy sneakers.

Jack Carlton studied Criminal Justice and Political Science at Sam Houston State University

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