Paul Song

Sales Manager at Forward Strategies Insurance Brokers, LLC

Paul began working in 1984 as a full-time insurance salesman for Bankers’ Life and Casualty while studying Economics at Indiana University. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 1987, he returned to Chicago as a US Treasury Analyst and Trader for three different Treasury Primary Dealers at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). In late 2000, Paul and his wife moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he pivoted to the restaurant industry. He managed Sakura for more than ten years, developing relationships and building a strong B2B network.

At Forward Strategies, Paul focuses on group and individual marketing efforts for various markets and targeted individuals, looking for different ways that agents can capitalize on existing relationships and markets. Paul creates and presents tax-deferred laddering strategy scenarios for annuity clients where “one size fits all” just doesn’t fit.

In his spare time, Paul particularly enjoys cooking for friends and family.

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